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Maldives Tour Packages

Maldives Trip: Best Time to Visit
The dry season is the best time for a Maldives trip to experience the land, owing to fewer rains and pleasant winds. It ranges from November to April, with its peak season from December to March that attracts tourists from all around the world, especially from India to the Maldives.

Maldives Visa for Indians
For a trip to the Maldives, Indians do not require a pre-arrival visa. They are provided with a tourist visa, free on arrival from India to the Maldives, at the Male Airport. So, you can go with your Maldives tour packages without any worry about the visa.

Maldives Tourism: Best Places to Visit
Male Island Known for its vibrant infrastructure and mosques, Male is the capital of the Maldives. The best places to visit in Male, generally included in various Maldives trip packages, are Grand Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, Hukuru Miskiy, Sinamale Bridge, Hulhumale, the artificial beach, the national museum, local markets, and the Banana Reefs. A city tour of Male is available in numerous Maldives tour packages from India.
Fua Mulaku Island (FuvahMulah)
A beautiful land comprising two freshwater lakes and the best of scuba and tropical vegetation, Fua Mulaku hosts a good deal of water sports activities, with its serene seashores and beaches, making it a must to include in your Maldives tour packages for couples or even regular Maldives tour packages. You can include a visit to Aruffanno, known to be a traditional harbour, or take a dive in the waters (with sharks too!) or visit Thundi and relax at the beach filled with white sands, all in the Maldives packages for couples or general Maldives tour packages!

Mirihi Island
Mirihi will be a good addition to your Maldives tour packages, especially if you are travelling with your partner. Seemingly like a lover's paradise, Mirihi is a small island, which will surely take you away to a dreamy world, with its over-water villas and suites, adding just a bit to your Maldives trip cost from India.

Lying in the spaces of Alif Dhaal Atoll, this island can be reached by seaplanes, which come included in many Maldives tour packages from India. Enjoy snorkelling, wine-tasting, and relax in the lavish over-water bungalows at Mirihi, all with Maldives packages for your loved ones.

Como: Cocoa Island
Pamper yourself with luxury at Como Cocoa Island with your next Maldives package!

Offering breathtaking views of the turquoise lagoons and shining sands, this place is the perfect spot to have romantic dinners at the sandbanks, usually available with the Maldives trip packages. Shell out a few more bucks while choosing your Maldives tour packages including this island, and you surely won't regret your decision!Take it up a notch by including the wellness and spa facilities in your Maldives packages to give you the ultimate relaxing holiday!